Our References

“Christina is an astoundingly thoughtful career coach. She took the time to really understand and get under the covers of feedback – then provided me with actionable, thoughtful, concrete feedback. She’s thoughtful, professional, creative and obviously cared deeply about making me a better leader and person. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

— Anne Bailey, Group Vice President, DaVita


“Christina provides effective and constructive feedback delivered in a manner which can be easily heard and internalized. I would recommend her for any executive’s personal development and for the improvement/development of an employee.”

— Amy Sanford, Executive Vice President, US Anesthesia Partners


“Christina is one of the most postive, hard working, people oriented individuals I have ever met. Christina has an outstanding ability to get to the crux of the issue and bring people together to solve the problem in a collaborative way. Christina has phenominal coaching skills both at the individual and team level. Outstanding presentation skills and her deep concern for people makes her leadership ability second to none. Great asset to anyones team and if you are considering having her run training or consulting for your business you are looking at one of the best in her field.”

— Mike Roberts, SVP Sales, Lee Hecht Knightsbridge


“Christina is an outstanding executive coach, team builder and leadership resource. My team and I have worked with Christina over the last two years. She is able to build relationships and credibility quickly and then provide key performance insights and coaching to high performers. She balances well the tension between providing specific feedback and encouraging support. I recommend Christina highly to anyone seeking very professional, performance based coaching / consulting..”

— Tad Stahel, Vice President, DaVita


“Christina cuts to the chase very quickly. She assessed our needs, found the root cause, put an intense training program together and had our management team engaged from start to finish. Follow up has been spot on. Rare in today’s world where ‘everyone’ is a consultant but ‘few’ do it well.”

— Hugh Porter, President & CEO, Digitex


“Her approach is positive, straightforward and realistic. Her coaching is pragmatic and insightful. Savvy, charismatic, and with no wasted minute, Christina is a perfect fit for sales executives looking to take their career to the next level, thanks to the combination of her business leadership and coaching acumen.”

— Karen Hjerleid, Vice President, Paladina Health


“As President of a Charter School board, we contracted with Christina to provide leadership and development for our executive team. Christina did a fantastic job in providing quality coaching and guidance as well as strategic planning to strengthen our executive team. She was professional, communicated well and delivered the results promised. It was a pleasure to work with Christina and we would definitely utilized her services again.”

— Meredith Quarles, Director of Operations, Special District Association of Colorado